Meet Adeline Leong

Hello, I'm Adeline. I started to be a full time housewife and stay home mummy when my husband has a job offer in London, UK. Then, I established my online business when my first child turned one, and it grew very well in UK. When my husband finished his international assignment and got promotion in year 2016, I stopped my business and we decided to move to Singapore to give my children a chance to see both cultures for their choice in the future.
Well, I didn't have much choice here except e-commerce while I wanted to be a stay at home mum again in this new environment for my boys and me.
One year when I visited Malaysia, my sister-in-law recommended me a product that might help me heal my skin issue when I was having caused by a sunscreen ingredient, but I didn't know it could be a source of income and I had been just a customer for a year! 
Since we moved here I'd been feeling a slight guilt for not bringing big bucks like I used to do even though I had some part time jobs. So I signed up instantly and proudly became an brand new distributor.
It wasn't a easy journey for me to make my group and downlines since my uplines are all in Taiwan & Malaysia, and their recruiting strategy is very different from what I can use here, not being able to counting on getting support form uplines and I had to do a lot of researches and personal development on my own. Then my company found me that I was alone and needed help, they gave me multiple chances for exclusive training. The best part of that was meeting the company executives and partners. It made my belief in the industry solid and gave me a vision to keep going to establish my business, but I needed to find the most practical strategy that suit my personality.
So, I thought online marketing was the perfect way for me. I threw pictures on social media here and there, and just waited, wishing somebody buy products from me. Yes, I got 500+ followers and lots of likes, one time I got over 1,000 likes in one month. Did I get any sales? Not at all. I put more pictures, added more information on products like how it works and how great they are. Still no sales.
Clearly I was doing something wrong. By adding pretty flowers with my products and got more likes, adding more explanation, who got more traffic? Google!! Lol
I was desperate. I read many books and researched and studied, looking for the best practical online marketing that struggling "shy" marketers can do.
Then one day I found this amazing strategy, Apollo Method.

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It sounded so strange since its strategy is almost all the opposite from what I learned, but all made sense as I learned deeper, and I felt like all my missing pieces were found there...
Now I am free from the prospecting pressure wherever I go. It feels so nice going to a cafe or a shopping mall without trying to hunt down somebody. 
I am so grateful that I was able to find a system that allows me to gain new prospects, generate income, and grow my business WITHOUT having to bother my friends and family and cold prospecting. I am excited to share what I learned, get to know you, and help you expand your business online!