5 Important Tips to Make Your Facebook Personal Page Business Ready

These were my questions when I started.
  • How do I make my page ready for building business?
  • How do I start gaining followers?
  • What and how do I post non-salesy way?
I realized I needed to start cleaning my profile, deleting pictures of products, pictures showing company logo, going through posts mentioning company/product, then gaining more friends, and searching out community that I want to build connections.
I know some people get a little weird about that. I was too.
But, here’s the thing, if you’re building a business, then your social playground is right there on Facebook.
Half of my friends on Facebook were from my company, so I needed to expand my friends list outside of my company to build my business.
Facebook is a social neighborhood, a social hangout, and people want friends.
So don’t feel weird friending other people’s friends or asking if you can be friends on Facebook at a party or event.
They’re going to see that you have a mutual acquaintance, and that’s what people want.
They want more friends, so it’s totally fine.
If they don’t approve you, that’s not a problem. You might have a chance to meet them in person in the near future then you can remind them to connect on Facebook.

Here’s the 5 important tips to make your Facebook personal page business ready!

1. Use your Photo

Not your kids or your pets!
We all love and are proud of our family, but even if you’re not mentioning and posting your products and service, you are a professional network marketer and you want to show them who they’re doing business with. Use the picture that shows your face clearly.

2. Show what you stand for 

For your cover photo, you want to use a photo that shows what you stand for, what you’re about.
Whether it’s a beach picture a travel photo, whatever it is – it’s showing your lifestyle.
Your cover photo should be a lifestyle or a positive statement.

3. Fill out your Bio

Complete the introduction section of your profile and let people know who you are and what you’re all about.
If you have a website, make sure you put it right there.
If you have a Facebook “fan”/business page, fill that in the employment section of your bio with a link to that page.
At the bottom, this is where you let people into your life. Chose five pictures that shows family, friends, awards, things you love to do.

4. Think of your page as a “Billboard”

If you don’t have your “fan”/business page or website, your page is very important.
This is all about showing people who are you… Your life!
Since I am very personal and shy, I had hard time posting me and family public.
But you have to understand that you are in network marketing and you have to start opening up your world a little bit if you want to start recruiting with social media.
On your personal Facebook page, there are different ways you can post; public, just to friends, just to certain friends, however you want.
You can easily switch from public to private after posting.
You don’t want to talk about your product all the time. Let’s keep it under 20%.
And of course, you don’t mention the “names”. You can post before/after pictures and talk about how wonderful you’re feeling. And see what people have to say.

5. Talk to your friends

When people liking your posts, you want to reach out. When you reach out, use messenger, not comment section on the post.
“I saw that you liked my post. If you want to learn more about my product, I’m happy to fill you in.”
Then you can take them to the place you share your product information, or you walk through how to order and asking what their problem is. Remember, we are offering help to solve their problems.
Believe in your product and educate them, post result or value of it thus people see your product/service as the great advise they can use.

Well, I hope this helped.
If you found this to be valuable, feel free to contact me – especially to those who may need help knowing Facebook marketing, what to post, how to post, boosting their profile, etc.