4 Steps to Selling Your Products or Services on Facebook

Not mentioning products or company, how can I make sale?

That was the mystery to me.
Here are the 4 tips to make sales on Facebook.
Step #1: Choose A Flagship Product To Focus On
We have so many wonderful products that we want to share. It’s hard not to promote all of them, right?
But the best way is pick one and actually focus on it. Once you do it, start creating stories, content and generally value and curiosity around that product. You’ll see incredible results!
Remember that it’s also crucial to believe in the product you’ve chosen. It's great if you are loving it. Even if you’re not using it yourself, you must know that it would solve someone else’s problem, right? Then go out there and share it with the world!
Be the expert on the product and the area, and be the go-to person!
Step #2: Create Attraction Marketing + Curiosity Posts
This one is simple. Create a post that showcases the benefits that you or someone you know have had, without mentioning the name of the company or the product.
You can post something along the lines of “OMG, I’m so proud of Sophie looking so young just in two weeks! Her skin is glowing and she’s getting complement right and left, that’s giving her confident.”.
Do you think people would want to know how she did it and what happened? Yes, they would!
Just be careful not to have curiosity posts all the time.
Step #3: Use the Facebook Group Strategy
As you start generating leads and they ask for more information, invite them to your FB Group.
It means adding those people to your Facebook Group. That’s where you talk about your products and company.
Once you invite them in the group, you tag them in the video you want them to watch, and then messaging them to see how they liked it.
Instead of doing one-on-one presentation 3 times a day, 7 days a week, you can record once and it works for you 24/7!!!
And inside this Group you can share all the information you missed out on before.
For example, you can let everyone know what is the name of the company or the product, you can share testimonials, etc. It makes sense, right?
Step #4: Cultivate Long-term Relationship With Your Customers
Has this ever happened to you or someone from your team: you get so focused on customer acquisition that you forget to stay in touch with your existing customers?
Customers buy products from people they know, like and trust. So even if you’ve managed to sell to someone once, and that person liked the product, there’s no guarantee that he/she liked it so much that they would keep buying it. That’s why you need that rapport!
And it’s really easy. Add your customers to a group and update them from time to time about any new promotions or product lines that are coming up. You don’t need to talk to them every day but just make sure you keep them in the loop. If you show people that you genuinely care about them, they’ll buy more from you. 

I hope you receive tons of value from this post!